The Ultimate PVP Survival Experience


An All New Survival Experience

XERA: Survival is an action-focused looter-shooter, designed from the ground up as a multiplayer, open world PvPvE experience with a global gear stash you can access from any server.


It was the year 2020, Artificial Intelligence was becoming more and more popular around the world. Due to the potential threat of AI becoming self-aware, the governments of the world had to work together to prevent the possible extinction of the human race, in doing so, they created the XERA Corporation.

A new law was soon taken up by all governments of the world. This law strictly prevents any further research and development of artificial intelligence. There was a loophole, which would allow the XERA Corporation to legally seize all research and prototypes created, and continue the research and development at its own facility.

In 2022, the first artificial intelligent humanoid went online. Soon after, it showed signs of consciousness and emotion. Then one night, it disappeared from the facility. The humanoid found an abandoned factory, which is where it created hundreds of replications of itself.

The military soon took over the XERA facility, and sent out a remote update to the humanoids. Something went wrong, the updates were corrupted. They started to turn against the whole of humanity and the world fell into war. Everything is chaos, it's kill, or be killed.

This is a story of a future, no one saw coming.


XERA: Survival has been built from the ground up with multiplayer support. You have the ability to play with your friends, or play against others from all around the world - the choice is yours.

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Communication is important in every multiplayer survival game, whether you're screaming "I'm friendly!!" or taunting your enemies - you will be heard. With directional support, you can pinpoint where the voice is coming from.

Stash Your Loot

The global inventory is where you can store your items safely. This is done inside of a "Safe Settlement". Store your items, then venture out on raids with your selected load-out.

Cross Region Inventory

Character inventories are stored on a master server, which crosses over every region and every official server. You can logout of an American server, and have all your items on a European server. This enables players to group up with friends and meet players from all over the world.


The map is an open-world environment, explore, scavenge, and stay on your feet to survive. Find a location to make yours, and guard it with your life. As night time comes, you should use it as an opportunity to scavenge as other players will find it hard to spot you.

Day & Night Cycle

The day and night cycle in XERA adds a whole new dynamic to game play. As day moves into night, the AI become more of a threat, different variations come out in darkness - with improved resistance and speeds.

Dynamic Weather System

A weather system has been implemented which adds dynamic elements to combat & survival situations. Your play style will need to change depending on the weather conditions.

Explore & Find Loot

Adventure through the world scavenging for resources to survive. Find weapons, food, drinks and medical supplies to stay alive & protect yourself. The world's loot system keeps items constantly spawning & respawning around the map, so roaming is your best option to finding more loot.

Humanoid Robots

The humanoid robots were programmed to push the boundary of synthetic consciousness. The humanoids malfunctioned and now roam the world killing anything in their sight.

Community Driven Development

We want the community to be heavily involved in shaping the future of XERA. While we have a lot of base ideas & thoughts we will always be open minded about new ideas that the community bring forward.

As our community grows we want each and everyone's voices to be heard. Through various platforms we will ensure there is always a place for you to voice your opinions, whether it be positive or constructive, we want to hear it all.



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