Code Of Conduct

In order to provide a safe and fun playing environment for everyone, please follow this Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in account mutes or bans.

1. Offensive Behavior

Being "toxic" will not be tolerated at all, and will result in account restrictions including chat mutes, voip mutes, and account bans. Multiple offenses may result in a permanent ban. This includes using any discriminatory language towards gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or nationality. This includes offensive in-game names.

2. Exploiting Bugs and Glitches

Purposely abusing any bugs or glitches is not allowed and will result in a ban. If you run into any issues, please report them and they WILL be fixed. This includes the use of exploits to bypass base placement limits of deployable objects such as turrets. Any person found to be using exploits to create an unfair advantage will have their accounts wiped and possibly banned. This includes the abusing of bugs to duplicate items.

No more than 8 turrets are allowed per land claim.

3. Scripting / Cheating / Scamming / Macros / File Editing / Streamsniping / Drops

Do not use third party software to gain any unfair advantage in-game. This includes using scripts, cheats, playing with others who are cheating, macros or editing your game files or configuration outside of the game's interface. Cheating also involves manipulation of any in game stats ("boosting") by exploiting systems to inflate leader board positions including but not limited to Skill Rating, Kills, Experience, Completion of Mission Requirements (such as killing the same person over and over to complete a mission). Streamsniping content creators is strictly prohibited and offenders can be banned.

Abusing the twitch drops system to gain access to special twitch skins is limited to 1 account per person. Players found to be abusing the twitch drops system and violating Twitch's terms of service by using multiple accounts to get multiple drops can and will be suspended from playing.

4. Participation in the community

The conversations throughout the community will set the tone for everyone. Help drive the community by choosing to engage in discussions that help improve the progression of the game and the community while avoiding negative discussions that are non-constructive.

5. Impersonating another player, moderator, staff or developer

Do not in any shape or form try to impersonate another player, moderator, staff, or developer.

6. Use Appropriate Channels for Content Creation and Live Streams

We invite those who stream and create content to utilize #community-media for promotion of videos and live streams. With this being said, please do not post links to live streams or videos unrelated to XERA: Survival in any channel, and posts of content related to XERA: Survival should be kept within the #community-media channel.

We also have an official Content Creators and Partnership Program for those who are interested. You are welcome to apply for these programs.

7. No Solicitation Policy

At no time is there to be any advertising within our official channels. This includes but is not limited to selling of in-game items for monetization purposes, promoting websites for sales and profit purposes, advertising of non-official outlets (such as other discord servers, websites, etc...).

Community members violating this policy through direct messages will be held accountable to our code of conduct. The staff is not responsible for and does not get involved in trades or transactions outside of the game. Any player to player trades are at your own risk.

Please follow this code to keep the game a fun environment for everyone.